Other appearances

One of the best things about science and especially about science communication is the amount of bright and wonderful people you get to meet and the things you get to learn from them.

When asked, I always admit that my biggest inspiration are the others. It’s always lovely when we are able to influence each other in a positive way to drive the general development in the right direction. Always, trying to give credit to the people contributing to everything and anything I do, it’s always super exciting when someone else too gets interested in the things I do and gives a shout out. Here are the places I got featured recently.

  1. An article (in EN) from Henri the bilingual magazine of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where I’m doing my PhD, in the column for “Young Blood” – https://goo.gl/W0B4oi;
  2. An interview by Aleksandrina Ginkova (in BUL) for Dnevnik – one of the big web-based news sources in my home country of Bulgaria, about science and the need to talk about it continuously and loudly, to counteract the harm pseudo-science keeps doing to humanity and the planet – https://goo.gl/Q3wH1p;
  3. An interview (in BUL) for Radio Bulgaria with Diana Tsankova – a program of the National Radio Broadcaster in Bulgaria, about science communication, Bright Club Brussels, food safety, and the importance of science for our daily life – https://goo.gl/AUfvJh.

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